About the journal

European Perspectives is an international scientific journal that presents different approach to better understanding relevant political, sociological, social, security, economic and legal as well as ethnic, cross-cultural, minority and cross-ethnical issues related to European and Euro-Atlantic integrations and South-Eastern Europe. Articles published in European Perspectives go through double blind peer review procedure and has been included in various index databases. That ensures a high scientific level and impartiality, which makes it an even more interesting medium for publishing original views on international topics. First issue was published in 2009 and since then it is published twice a year in April in October.

European Perspectives offers readers rich and diverse pool of expertise, experiences and policy hints. Its mission is, with the help of promising, consistent and enthusiastic authors, under careful eyes of peer-reviewers, to present various views that could shape and profile what is the European perspectives of the countries as well as the regions of the South-Eastern Europe.